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  About the Artist:   Sharon Ehrlich


I am a 3rd generation Master Wax Carver/Goldsmith working in the Jewelry industry for almost 30 years. I started working for my father after I graduated High School in 1978 in the state of Michigan. I started out learning at the bench as a goldsmith. Do to my husbands job relocation. I now reside in Tucson Az. where, I've freelanced as a goldsmith for several local jewelry stores for many years. Having worked for so many different jewelry stores it became clear just how much a Custom hand wax carver was needed. So I began to develop an unknown artistic skills with wax. Finding this to be a true gift and having a passion for something I truly enjoyed doing, I wanted to learn as much as I could. So in 1998 I was the first woman to earn a Scholarship with Yanna Blancy of Waxmasters in Aspen Colorado. Now with my natural artistic ability and tricks of the trade learned. I've become so busy wax carving that goldsmithing is now secondary and mostly relied on as, a very important tool when creating a functional and practical piece of jewelry.


I mainly offer my services as a wax model maker to the wholesale jewelry Industry. But over the years I've also worked  for other industries. ie: Custom Knife Companies, and Companies needing models made for Belt Buckles, Wine Stoppers, Door Knockers, Christmas Ornaments and Chess pieces. It is also my goal to work with the toy and gift industries. All wax carvings are one of a kind hand carved pieces. Designs are mostly created  from the clients ideas, pictures and sketches. Most waxes take two weeks to complete and my prices are very reasonable. Please contact me for a free estimate, or with any questions you might have.


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"All waxes are one of a kind piece, made exclusively for my clients and are shown simply to show quality and detail of my work."